About us

About us

Central China Normal University Press was established in 1985. Adhering to the principle of “assisting teaching and research, building a brand in education”, the Press strives to produce high-quality publications. Up until now, it has published more than 8,000 titles, with more than 500 titles receiving awards of all levels. In 2010, the long-running book series Collected Works of Zhang Shunhui won the 3rd Chinese Best Publications (books) Award. A number of books and electronic publications such as Pinyin for Kids, Mathematical Theory of Stability and Its Application ever won national awards including the Best Works Award and China Book Award. Besides, in recent years a number of academic books, such as Collected Works of Heroic Martyrs of Hubei Province and Chinese Countryside Survey: An Oral Account, are sponsored by National Publication Foundation. Academic monographs and college textbooks published have won hundreds of awards for teaching and research achievements at all levels.

With the backing of the century-old Central China Normal University, the Press always follows academic frontiers and has published numerous quality academic works. The books series such as Collected Works of Wei Zhuomin, Collected Works of Qian Jibo, Collected Works of Zhang Kaiyuan, 1911 Revolution and Modern China Series, Huazhong Linguistics Library, Comprehensive History of Hubei Province, Study Series on Taoism, Celebritys Lecture Series, Study Series on Imperial Examination, Studies on College Entrance Examination Reform, and Study Series on Higher Education and Social Development, etc. have received a lot of good responses.

Central China Normal University Press always shows great concern for book quality. After years of hard practicing, it has built two brands in college textbooks, i.e. Huada Boya for liberal arts textbooks, and Huada Jingzhi for vocational, science and engineering textbooks, which consists of dozens of books series, and hundreds of titles to sell.  Some featured textbooks such as Modern Chinese Literature, A Course Book for Folk Literature, Chinese Classical Philology, A Guide to Lexicology, Introduction to Sociology have sold for more than 10,000 copies respectively and also produce significant social effect. As to elementary education textbooks, Sports Education and Health has been approved by Ministry of Education and is listed as national textbooks. The reference book series for students Guide to Focus and Difficult Points originally published in 1993 have been sold well for more than two decades, becoming a successful long lasting brand.

Central China Normal University Press actively pursues international cooperation and exchanges with overseas publishers. It has made copyright trades with counterparts all over the world. Scholars of overseas organizations have ever visited the Press. In recent years, it has sold book rights to publishers in all parts of the world ranging from Japan, Korea to Vietnam etc. Part of the books translated into other languages, such as the Japanese version of Shibusawa Eiichis Journey to China in 1914, are awarded the Prize of Copyright Output Scheme or Excellent Copyright Output Book of the Year. Books such as Korean version of Classical Chinese Folk Tales are funded by China Classics International. Arabic version of Classic Poetry in Modern China: On Shi Poetry and Ideological Trend History of Modern Chinese Literature received sponsorship from Silk Road Publication Project.

Central China Normal University Press is willing to cooperate with counterparts all around the world and produce more top rank publications.